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Here is a look (types of work, profile sought, pay, etc.) at a student-friendly job that might be just the right fit for you.


The work is extremely varied – from sampling campaigns and distributing leaflets in the street to roadshows for different brands, free newspaper distribution, food trucks, events in shopping centres, tastings, or sales force work – but the goal is always the same: approaching shoppers and giving them a unique brand experience. Sound like it might be for you?


We are looking for neat, energetic individuals with good people skills. The work requires a lot of energy (standing for long periods, often outside, approaching people, smiling, etc.), so if you aren’t the energetic type, this job probably isn’t for you.


  1. Flexibility.
    While it can depend on the agency you work for, generally, when your application is accepted, hiring managers contact you for one-time assignments, and you only apply to work on them when you’re free. This means that you can adjust your schedule to reconcile your studies with work.
  2. Varied work means you’ll never have a chance to get bored.
    Every campaign is different. Sometimes work will be focused on publicity, and other times it will be focused on sales. Even your working hours and the length of your assignments (short or long campaigns) will vary.
  3. It’s a great morale booster.
    Your job is to approach people and introduce them to products through things like tastings, goodies, discount coupons. This is generally well received, because consumers are getting something positive out of it. Your smile becomes infectious.
  4. A springboard to greater things.
    Some ambassadors are promoted to managerial positions or hired to work at our main office.
  5. The perk? Getting to see another perspective:
    For Sophie Dahan, Globe Group’s marketing director, ‘For students, this is an opportunity to be at the centre of brand marketing and discover a rapidly growing industry (in particular, through our in-house training), and to get an introduction to the strategic challenges faced by large brands.’ Globe Group, a leader on the French ‘Shopper & Experiential Marketing’ market, employs around 5,000 ambassadors per month to conduct its campaigns throughout France. Will you be our next ambassador?


Are extroverted, a pro at small talk, full of energy, and a real people person? Are you a student looking for a ‘made to measure’ job that will allow you to work around your studies? Apply today!

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